In this section you will find relevant common questions asked of the surgery including how to register and with regards to ordering repeat prescriptions. Please read the information carefully and we hope you will find this area both informative and useful

How do I Register?

Please see the appointments tab listed above which has comprehensive information on how to register and what documents you will need.

How do I Order Repeat Medication?


​Please return the right hand side of your previous prescription with desired medications indicated to the surgery either by hand or by post. If a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed we will return it to you.

​If you wish you can authorise the chemist of your choice and direct them to collect the prescription on your behalf. This will prevent you from coming to the surgery solely to collect the prescription. Please indicate your preferred chemist on the repeat prescription.

​Please do not expect a repeat prescription on the same day.
​Please allow at least 48 hours (two working days) when ordering prescriptions and make allowances for weekends and public holidays. Please do not expect a repeat prescription on the same day. Please plan in advance - this is your responsibility

We cannot accept repeat prescription requests over the telephone as errors can occur.

How do I Update my Contact Details

​Please obtain and fill out a "change of details" form from reception. You may be asked to produce proof of your new address.

Its is important that we have your current details so that we can contact you if necessary this includes current landline and mobile numbers.

How Do I Complaint or Make a Suggestion?

We welcome any helpful suggestions or constructive criticism to improve the service we offer, but if you do have a complaint please send us your complaint in writing so we can investigate.  We will acknowledge, address and inform you of the outcome(s) to the complaint in line with our complaints procedure (available on request).

We have a suggestion box in reception. Please feel free to put any constructive comments in this box. We are all human and mistakes can happen. Please feel free to discuss any problems with your doctor.

Even with the best medical care some diseases are not preventable or curable. It is also important to note that symptoms at the beginning of an illness can be very non-specific and may not indicate a serious problem. However, sometimes things can change very quickly, and unexpectedly, and if you have ongoing concerns we would want you to make contact again. If you are not happy with the explanation provided to you or you have ongoing concerns, please say so at the time, or come back soon. You are welcome to see another Practitioner for a second opinion.

We believe that both our patients and our staff have the right to be treated with courtesy.


How do I Request my Medical Notes?

Medical notes are confidential but can be released to yourself under the data protection act.

Requests must be made in writing to the practice stating what information is required and why. From there we will make contact with you and inform you of any charges.

How do I Request Private Notes or Forms to be Filled?

We ask that you submit the completed forms or request with as much information with as possible.

​There may be a charge payable depending on the nature of the request.

​Private notes and forms will be completed at the doctors discretion.

​We have a turnaround time of at least 5 working days, please do not be dissapointed that your request is not completed earlier.

​An up to date list of non NHS fees is available at reception.

How do I request a Sick Note?

It is not necessary for your GP to issue a certificate for the first 7 days of your illness. After 3 days of absence ask your employer for a self-certification form, which allows you to self certify for up to 7 days. If you are ill for more than 6 days you will need to see the GP for a certificate.

A private sick note can be requested in certain circumstances. Please be aware that this is up to the doctors discretion and there will be charge payable.

How do I get my Test Results?


We are able to receive most routine blood test results within 5 days. X-ray results can take 2-3 weeks. Specimens that are sent to the hospital need to be received before 11am. Occasionally we may need to call you to inform you of an abnormal result.

It is very important that we have an up to date contact telephone number.

Please note, reception staff are not qualified to explain results to you.

Where can I Download the Practice Leaflet?

Please follow this link

Where can I see the List of Non NHS Fees?

A list is available in reception or can be downloaded here

How do I get Involved with the Patient Participation Group?

The Patient Participation Group, is a great way to get involved with our surgery to help shape future services. If you have missed this date and would like to participate in the future please contact the reception for details on the next meeting.


If you would like to see detailed reports of last years patient participation meeting, they can be found here


To see PPG end of year report 2014-2015 please click here

How do I find the Practice Charter?

The practice charter can be found here. It covers our responsibilites, your responsibilites and information pertaining to confidentiality and notes.

Where is the nearest Pharmacy?

There are several local pharmacies. Please follow this link for a list and opening times.

Where is the nearest Dentist?

Local Dentists in the area can be found here

There are limited provisions for acute emergency dental care provided by Birmingham Dental Hospital. Further information can be found here

Where can I get my blood tests done?

First of all, you need a blood test form from the Doctors from the surgery or Hospital.

That form can be used at many sites in Sandwell. Please locate your local phlebotomy service here.


Please note Early appointments are usually reserved for patients who require FASTING blood tests. For other non fasting blood tests please attend after 10 am to avoid disappointment.


Please note that there are limited provisions for blood tests done by our Practice Nurse but this service is reserved for the very infirm or elderly who cannot ordinary travel to the sites listed in the link.


Please note Blood test results are usually available within 5 working days. It is your responsibility to ring the surgery to find out when the results are available. Our reception staff are not medically trained to give out individual results and may book .you in to see a Doctor or Nurse.